Meet Isa

Isa is a mom, wife, service leader and student of people. She has dedicated over a decade to charitable work with both personal and professional development aimed at mentoring others and developing herself to live her life’s purpose.


Isa’s background in education and coaching teen girls inspired her to share her knowledge and life experiences. After countless interactions with teens of all ages, race, and economic backgrounds, she discovered there was one thing they all had in common a sense of confusion about their individual purpose, self, and sense of belonging.


The constant message from these teens – “I can’t figure out who I am and where I fit in” motivated her to author the
I AM Teen Becoming series.

The Road to self-discovery is not easy, but worth it.

“My goal is to inspire and guide this next generation of teen girls to invest in themselves, discover their purpose and to answer “Who Am I” “How did I become” creating a connection with themselves and their world.”

Isa’s personal message delivers a positive impact that brings clarity and simplifies the journey of self-awareness and self-leadership guiding teens to navigate on a daily basis.

Isa’s purpose is to guide teens to discover that everyone already has their secret recipe to self and happiness; they just need to be guided in the right direction to uncover their purpose and live their most authentic life.